Nancy Moody, the founder of Efficient Living, started the company in 1999 in Houston, Texas. She and her team helped over 400 clients achieve order and balance in their homes and small businesses. In 2009, Nancy Moody hired Nancy Devlin to be part of her team. Then in 2014, Nancy Devlin bought Efficient Living and became the proud owner of a successful, established business.

Nancy moved to Highlands Ranch, Colorado in 2021, relocating her company to Colorado. She continues to help clients de-clutter and organize their homes throughout the state.


At Efficient Living, our mission is a personal one: to empower each client to achieve a balanced, organized lifestyle.


Our philosophy is based on a 3D effect: Desire to make a change ... for the better; Disciplines and tools to succeed ... which we teach; Dilligence to maintain balance ... with our help!


Nancy Devlin, Denver Professional Organizer.

Nancy Devlin

Owner, Professional Organizer

Nancy Devlin is the owner of Efficient Living. She attended Westchester High School in Houston, Texas. She then went to The University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu. While living in Honolulu, she worked as a manufacturers rep selling to retail stores on the 4 main islands of Oahu, Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai. Nancy moved back to Houston in 1980. She worked for Arrow Electronics as a successful outside sales rep selling electronic components to manufacturing companies. At Arrow, she dealt with the purchasing and engineering departments at a variety of companies.

She had 3 children very close in age and was blessed to not have to work outside of the home while raising her children.

Nancy was hired by Nancy Moody, the founder and then owner of Efficient Living, in 2009. In 2014, Nancy Devlin bought Efficient Living. She has helped her many clients improve the function of their homes by reducing clutter, organizing spaces, and assisting them with paperwork, basic budgeting, and filing.

Nancy moved to Highlands Ranch, Colorado in 2021. She has relocated her business to Colorado and is excited to continue helping clients in their pursuit of a more organized, less cluttered home. She enjoys seeing her clients become comfortable in their homes again.