Referred by my son, who appreciated her as much as I did.


The absolute best part about Nancy is her unwavering calmness. Nothing rattles Nancy!! Which makes her the ideal organizer to hire when your life, your home, your garage, your office, your pile of unopened mail, gets out of control and you are about to loose your mind. Believe me, I had lost control of them all. Sadly for me, Nancy has moved to beautiful Colorado, and I miss her help every single day!!

Very Sincerely, JuneHome Decluttering and Organizing

Nancy Devlin was so wonderful!


My office was a disaster. Cluttered with no organization. She decluttered. Organized. Gave me a wonderful place to pay my bills. So much easier now.

Terri Office Organization

Efficient Living is a great way to accomplish order in your life!


Nancy and I tackled my garage which was a total disaster, and we transformed it into an efficient and organized space. She is skilled at assessing the problem, coming up with a process for sorting through the mess, and setting up a plan that works. The cost is reasonable and well worth it!

Amy Garage Organization

Nancy is a lifesaver for me!


I get overwhelmed with the piles of paper that I have accumulated, I call, and she calmly and quickly digs me out from under the heap. What would take me weeks to do because of the emotional baggage, she can whip out in a matter of hours! I always wish I had called her sooner! She is a gift from the Lord to me.

Susan Paper Management

I'm sort of a pack rat, and need help cleaning.


I also needed to find someone I could trust as I work from home and they would be all up in my office business. I was referred to Nancy from a friend and she has been amazing. We have cleaned out my sunroom that was full of boxes I haven't gone through in years and organized my study. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Adam Home Office

Nancy is a true treasure!


She helped me and my children sort through and pack up 14 years of our life in my 5,000 square foot home when I downsized to 2,000 square feet after being widowed. She was efficient, thoughtful, and compassionate. She understood that each item wasn't just a thing but an object with a memory attached to it. She had wonderful creative ideas on how to organize my new home too. I could not have done it without her!

Annette Moving/Downsizing

Hiring Nancy at Efficient Living was one of the best experiences ever!


With the passing of my Dad, I was thrown into an overwhelming situation of cleaning out his home with all the family knick-knacks, photos, china, jewelry, clothes, etc. On top of that, Dad was a packrat and his entire office was boxed up and stored there. Nancy calmly and efficiently went through everything. She worked with me to identify who got what. Then she sorted everything, found vendors to take away the trash, recycled the recycling, boxed up items to ship to family members, shipped furniture and boxes that needed to go out of town, helped us give away things we wanted to give away, and generally did everything that was needed. Less than 4 weeks later, the entire home was cleaned out and the job done. She is trustworthy with your most precious possessions and ruthless with the things that are rightfully trash. I highly recommend Nancy to anyone wanting to clean up or clean out a home. I only wish she lived in my home town so I could hire her again.

Keri Home Decluttering and Organizing